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“But they use a different word list!”  

Yes, it's called WOW24 and it's not THAT much different:

1)     It does include almost all of the slurs that were eliminated from NWL20

2)     It does not include most of the strange new plurals like


So, if your word seems like it might be insulting, play it!

If your opponent plays a word with a weird plural, challenge it!


Bingo Lingo Quiz

Test Your Word Knowledge

patterns of the most bingo-friendly letters

(mnemonic: C-A-T-N-I-P  H-O-L-D-E-R-S)

compiled by Jacob Cohen

Improve Your Game

Victory Loves Preparation

Starts with

7s     ELA-     ELE-     LAR-     NAR-     RAT-     SEN-     SOL-     TAN-     TIN-     TON-

8s     ANE-     DER-     PEA-     PLO-     POI-     RAC-     RAN-     SAT-     TAI-     TOA-

Contains internal pattern

7s     -CEN-     -CTA-     -ILA-     -IOL-     -OIL-     -OLA-     -OTA-     -RST-     -SIC-

  8s     -CIL-     -CLO-     -IOR-     -IRT-     -NAD-     -NAI-     -NIM-     -OAN-     -STH-

Ends with

  7s     -AST     -EAL     -EED     -ERA     -ERN     -LIA     -OSE     -REL     -RTS     -SIA

  8s     -ACE     -ADE     -AIN     -ERE     -NDA     -NIA     -ODE     -RIA     -RIN     -SOL


     A bingo browser's paradise!

Thematic ~ Surprising ~ Tricky

Browse themes to expand your bingo horizons

compiled by Jacob Cohen, Asheville Scrabble Club

Quick links for theme details

New(ish)          Surprise!          Vowels          Digraphs          Consonants          PRE-

Light          SSSSSSSticky          Frankenword          Capitals          -S          Archaic

Spelling          Doubles         Plurals          CAUTION!          Silent          Hold          Belief

Money          Do -ER          Plants          Animals          Life          Body          Science

Final          Good          Bad          Numbers          Foreign          Geography

Alternating          UN-          Clothing          Food          Fighting          Crowd          Direction

Teams          Time          Learning          Measure          Color          Movement          States

Half          Buildings          Sound          Words          People          Sports          Tools

Love          Law          Transport          Form          History          Airports          Soft C / G

Furniture          Cleanliness          Switchable          -YS          Mnemonic          Missing?

Picture          Offensive          Matter          RE-          Duplicates          Blank(s)

Names          Humor          Smell          Relatives          Odd          Leisure          Begin

Questions          Triple-Triple          Power          Syl-la-bles          Order          Prefix

Roots          Suffix          Compound          Ear          Combination          Hooks

Adjectives          Incomparable          Adverbs          Speech          Nouns          Verbs

Value          Extensions          Anagrams          Likeliest          Unlikeliest

Winningest          ALL


All 7s (25,473) & 8s (31,736) sorted into each relevant theme below

A tile

Updated to NWL23

Updated to NWL23

Would you like to become familiar with

NASPA's new NWL23 words?

     OK! The following slide shows can do that for you:

How can I learn to keep that straight?

The following slide shows are fun and could really help:

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Better Know a Letter   National Champ Will Anderson explains the +'s & -'s of most letters

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cross-tables   archive of players, tourneys (includes upcoming calendar), results, & stats

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NASPA YouTube Channel   expert games & player interviews

Newbie's First Scrabble Lesson   by former National Champ Joel Sherman

Play Scrabble   online games presented by Scopely

Quackle   crossword game artificial intelligence & analysis tool

Quackle notes-   strategy tips based on Jacob Cohen's analysis of games using Quackle

Score Sheet options     #1     #2     #3     #4

Scrabble History   Will Anderson features incredible plays, epic rivalries, amazing games

Streaming Sites   Scrabble players on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms

ULU (Ultimate Lookup Utility)   search, define, study, judge app by Seth Lipkin for iPhone

Will Anderson's YouTube Channel   former National Champ shares game insights & history

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