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A special place for special bingos: Thematic – Surprising – Tricky

compiled by Jacob Cohen

Surprise!          Vowel          Digraph          Consonant          SSSSticky

Frankenword          Capital          -S          Archaic          Spelling

Double          Plural         CAUTION          Silent          Hold          Belief

Do-ER          Plant          Animal          Life          Body          Science

Feeling         gnileeF          Money          Foreign          Geography

UN-          Clothing          Food          Fighting          Direction          Time

Learning          Measure          Color          Movement          Building

Sound          Word          People          Sport          Tool          Law

Transport          Shape          Soft          Cleanliness          Offensive

-YS          Missing?          Matching          Switchable          Matter

Duplicate          Humor          Smell          Etymology          Odd          Leisure

Power          Prefix          Root          Suffix          Compound          Define

Combo          Hook          Adjective          Incomparable          Adverb

Speech          Noun          Verb          ALL          Anagram          Likeliest

Improve Your Game

6 to make 7 High-Probability Stems & Mnemonic Phrases likeliest bingoes

7 to make 8 High-Probability Stems & Mnemonic Phrases likeliest bingoes

Aerolith fun, fast way to learn words quickly by César Del Solar

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Breaking the Game Scrabble strategy headquarters by Kenji Matsumoto

Cheat Sheet 2s & hooks, 3s, Short J,Q,X,Z, Vowel Dumps, High-Probability Bingos

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Internet Scrabble Club especially useful while tourneys & clubs on hiatus

Kurt's Alerts club member Kurt Schroeder alerts us to worthy study lists

Lending Library  Scrabble books, films, puzzles available to Club members

Letterati: Unauthorized Look at Scrabble and Peeople Who Play It by Paul McCarthy

Lexicon Additions 2018 – 2s - 8s alphabetical

Lexicon Additions 2018 – 2s - 8s by length

NASPA YouTube Channel expert games & player interviews

Newbie's First Scrabble Lesson by Joel Sherman

Quackle Scrabble game analysis tool

Sayyid en Scrabble Emily Brodeur's stories using ONLY good Scrabble words

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Scrabble Tournament Calendar upcoming tourneys & player stats

ULU search, define, study, judge app by Seth Lipkin for iPhone

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Woogles state-of-the-art online word game site – Woogles quick-start guide

Word Freak Heartbreak, Triumph, Genius, & Obsession of Competitive Scrabble Players by Stefan Fastis

WordListPro search, define, judging tool for Android

Zyzzyva search, define, study, judging tool    

Slide Shows by Bill Snoddy

download before viewing    suggest installing:   PowerPoint   Scramble Font

Newish additions to lexicon

Singleton 3s (without anagrams)                   3s  with  Anagrams

4s  with  Anagrams    4s  without  Anagrams  

5s & 6s           7s           8s

Five Vowel 7s   when 5 of your 7 tiles are vowels, don't rush to exchange

High Probability Bingos 6s to make 7s Reviews      #1       #2        #3       #4

High Probability Bingos 7s to make 8s Reviews      #1       #2        #3

Surprising Sticky P's! PRE-words can't drop front P!  "You can do it beforehand but you can't do it again!"

Twisted "P"   front P hooks for RE- words; once hooked, meaning gets twisted

Asheville Scrabble



Bingo Lingo Quiz

Test Your Word Knowledge

patterns of the most bingo-friendly letters

(mnemonic: C-A-T-N-I-P  H-O-L-D-E-R-S)

compiled by Jacob Cohen

Victory Loves Preparation

Starts with

7s     ELA-     ELE-     LAR-     NAR-     RAT-     SEN-     SOL-     TAN-     TIN-     TON-

8s     ANE-    DER-     PEA-     PLO-     POI-     RAC-     RAN-     SAT-     TAI-     TOA-

Contains internal pattern

7s     -CEN-     -CTA-     -ILA-     -IOL-     -OIL-     -OLA-     -OTA-     -RST-     -SIC-

8s     -CIL-     -CLO-     -IOR-     -IRT-     -NAD-     -NAI-     -NIM-     -OAN-     -STH-

Ends with

7s     -AST     -EAL     -EED     -ERA     -ERN     -LIA     -OSE     -REL     -RTS     -SIA

8s     -ACE     -ADE     -AIN    -ERE     -NDA     -NIA     -ODE     -RIA     -RIN    -SOL

Slide Show