(November 26, 2023) Ten Scrabblers were finishing up a Thanksgiving weekend with a few bingoes here and there! Mike B. and Ari could only stay for a limited time, but we were glad to see them!


Louis had a big 423 win, and got down some bingoes, but none scored as much as CAZH for 69, the highest scoring non-bingo of the day!  


Christine had a huge 450 win, playing FLOCKING, STARVES, and successive bingo-bango bonus plays with TELLING and WILDFIRE. GRIZ for 54 worked out very well.


Raina was 2-1, enjoying playing MOFO and wondering why it’s still good with NASPA, since Zyzzyva defines it as “an offensive word.” SOJU was a nice one for 43, and she also played SPONGES, ATONERS, and FLURRIED.


George M. started right out with a win, and knocked another one later. His 410 game was the high loss for the day. He found STAGIER, SMARTER and FORESTED, and got 50 for a well-placed AX.


I was 3-2 today, with bingoes including SATIATED, PEELING, RETAILOR, and CORONATE.


Trish won half her games, had three games over 400, and of her 6 bingoes, STARCHY (96) was the high play of the day.


Jacob was 4-2 today, with 11 bingoes. He would have been 5-1, but lost a game by one point.


Undefeated? Mark was 6-0 and opened with a 502, the high win of the session. An opponent complimented him on his endgame, resulting in a one-point win! 12 bingoes for Mark, with CREMAINS the most unusual.


On the BINGOS page of the website, you will find the newly revised PANTIE plus another tile, as well as ANEROID plus a tile, for some very common bingoes.


Ok, let’s begin to build the momentum for 2024. We mentioned last week: 1) come to club 2) try to be on time and stay for the afternoon 3) each of us find one other person to join us. Let’s keep writing legibly on the tally slips and try not to reverse the recording of your score with your opponent’s score.


We will see many of you next week! 



Results Chart

(standings, averages, highs, all bingos & non-bingos)

Z Sunday Scrabble Rapport

by Bill Snoddy