(March 26, 2023) Yes, right here in Asheville, we had our own Sweet Sixteen, with that many Scrabblers trying to eke out wins!

In the southern bracket, we were glad to see Andrew, even though he knew he could only stay for one game. He scored a 405 win, finding RENAILS and also SOARING for 77.


Stefanie (yes, we double-checked) was welcomed today, and had two close games. We’ve got your email address, Stefanie, so we will keep you informed!


Kurt had a great session last week, and did find several bingoes like VARMINTS, RESERVER, and SQUANDER for 88!


Professor Mike L. knocked out a win, and played TEACHES (imagine that!) for 64.


Susan recorded her first win, and high-fived a director afterwards.


Gayle had a win, and once again looked striking in another hat!


James had a winning record, and spars with his mom at home occasionally.


Carole only lost once today, had a 384 game, and is showing a lot of promise.


Lauren was 3-1, and played TRAWLER, MOUNTAIN, and REGEARED, which was challenged but stayed on the board!


Undefeated in the South? (Save your confederate money, ya’ll) Jay J was 4-0, and played STORMING as a triple-triple for ONE HUNDRED-SEVENTY-SIX points!



In the Northern Bracket, Raina kindly agreed to play up, and we KNOW she is a very good player. Her word knowledge is impressive, and she played three words against me that I don’t remember ever seeing! Her bingoes included FROWNING, WAITERS, UNSEATED, and SENORAS.


Christine was also playing up today, and despite being “bingo-less in Asheville” she played ZAGS for 58 (high non-bingo), beat the highest-rated player at club today, and snuck by me by six points as well! Pretty good day, Christine!


I gave away my first game by failing to challenge, then won the last two. 7 bingoes plus COIFED for 48.


Mark would have been 3-2 except for his 395 high loss of the day. 6 bingoes helped, with KAINITES the most unusual,  and also scoring the most with 86.


Jacob tied for best record in the North (4-1) with 9 bingoes, including words like EOSINES, GOODLIER, GANNETRY, and DEHORNS.


Donna was also 4-1, and the bingo queen was at it again, with 13 bonus words. VIEWDATA (!?) scored 88, and SWAMPER scored the same. Her opening game was 488, the high win of the session.


Next Sunday we meet, usual time and place, and the FOLLOWING Sunday we will get together on Easter but details as to location will be given by email in advance.  



Z Sunday Scrabble Rapport

by Bill Snoddy


Results Chart

standings, averages, highs, all bingos & non-bingos