(October 2, 2022) 9 Scrabblers scrabbling!


Leslie has more important club issues to consider than winning, including the fact that we have not collected dues in almost 2 ½ years! Stephens-Lee requires an annual fee, and there are some expenses related to the website as well. We will be seeking input from you regularly-attending members, and thanks to our treasurer Leslie for not letting us ignore this! Leslie played BISCUIT, MARGINS, and she subsequently checked on her courageous REHEATER play. Good!


Kurt finished the afternoon with a win and his bingoes included SALARIES, SCOOTER, DEPOSING, and TAUNTER.


Wow, Aaron, when I get that rare 415 game its usually a win, but for you, the high loss of the day. You did have a couple of other nice wins, including a 430 game. 8 bingoes included ENHALOS and that special word SEQUOIAS, using all five vowels.


Bing had two big wins and played RETAXING for 119, the highest scoring play of the day!


Mark’s wins were well over 400, and he played the highest-scoring non-bingo ZOONS for 81 points. Mark’s 6 bingoes included the “nine” ENTOILING.


Trish had a winning record, and played 5 bingoes including the canine REDBONE and the tricky SNOUTED.


Jacob was 4-2, and finished the session with a huge 534 game. 9 bingoes for Jacob, with not a phony among them, sprinkled with unusual words like PROLEGS and ESCUAGES!


Ruchi only lost once and she was able to enjoy 6 games today, no doubt playing fast as usual. 11 bingoes for Ruchi, who played REKEYING, which tickles my right eyebrow. Good one!


Carl, fresh off the plane from Atlanta, also only lost once, and had a 599 game for the high game of the day. 10 bingoes for Carl, and I would have challenged ZOOTY (46) because I know zoot* is not a good word.


We are considering a 1215 PM start time for club as we need to make sure that last game is in progress before 4 PM. Hope to see some of you next week!



Z Sunday Scrabble Rapport

by Bill Snoddy


Results Chart

standings, averages, highs, all bingos & non-bingos