(August 14, 2022) It was SUCH a beautiful day in Asheville, so I’m almost surprised we had eight folks willing to spend the afternoon playing Scrabble! We were glad to meet Eric who has enjoyed a lot of Scrabble, but also enjoys sailing on Sunday afternoons.  Maybe we can catch him on cold or rainy days.


Leslie found ARGUERS, SEEDIER, and LEASHING and stayed around to do most of the take-down work for club today. Thanks, Leslie!


Christine has had some great Sundays at club recently, but is saving her wins for next week. She did play IMPALES, UPLANDS, and METHANES.


Bing had two nice wins, teasing 400 with that 394 score, and played SEDATION, PAINTER, MAGNETS, and JOININGS!  Hmm, that S?  Good!


Mike B. had two wins, including a 414 game, and played LOGGIER for 62.


Kurt won half his games, had a 449, and played ROUNDED and URALITES.


Jacob enjoyed a winning record (4-2) with three of those wins scoring over 400. 9 bingoes for him, with SAVIORS (94) scoring the most, and TORTILE the most unusual.


Aaron only lost once, played the high non-bingo with JARS for 84, and got down 7 bonus words, with KETONES (98) getting the high play of the day.


Undefeated?  OK, this is rare (or at least medium rare) but I failed to lose today, and managed a 565 game. 7 bingoes helped, with ATONIAS getting a challenge, as did CENTRALS.


We will download our Scrabble Club insurance info thanks to NASPA, and hope that leads us to some outdoor Scrabble at some fun venue soon!

Yes, I miss you!



Z Sunday Scrabble Rapport

by Bill Snoddy


Results Chart

standings, averages, highs, all bingos & non-bingos