(May 8, 2022) If 14 Asheville Tile Slingers play an average 5 games each, then about 35 games of Scrabble were played at Stephens-Lee on Sunday afternoon.


John came up the mountain from McDowell County and had several good close games, particularly his last one of the day, losing only by ten points.


Trish (4-2) had a great day and found 8 bingoes, knowing that ETERNALS was good with that S, and also playing the highest-scoring non-bingo with QUAI for a whopping 69 points!


Mike B. finished his day with a 308 win, finding REMINDER among his bingoes for the day.


Straight wins for Raina until the last game of the afternoon. AXING for 57 helped, and so did the bingoes ENTRIES and SHOWING.


D apparently had some trouble with clock management, but did knock out a win, and playing CINCHING and REALISE.


Jay found RELINES for 77 and OX for 56, and of his wins, the 406 was his best game.


Kurt found several bingoes today, including STORING, REATTACH, and SEEPAGE.


I was 2-3 today, opening with a 428 game and finding six bingoes, including BLOGGIER which was challenged and the unusual SUBERIN.


Xander broke 400 on a couple of nice wins, and had 9 bingoes including unusual words like LORNEST and SAURIES.


Aaron was 3-2, had 6 bingoes, and a pretty 418 win.


Ruchi had a 522 game, the high win of the day, and enjoyed a 6-1 record, with ten bingoes. SHIRAZ for 62 must have been fun.


Leslie had a winning record at 3-2, finished the day with a 426 game,  and made the highest play of the day with a well-placed ANGLERS for 94 (yes a double-double.)


Mark was 4-2 and played 8 bingoes with his pretty PEONIES scoring the most at 81. His 432 loss was the high loss of the day.


Jacob only lost once, and clearly was the bingo king with 14 of them! Unusual words included GLAIVES and UNHOUSE, the latter having that interesting front hook! 520 was almost the high score of the day. Looks like a bingo-bango-bongo with RENTING followed by WAVELETS and HOLSTERS on three consecutive plays!


See many of you next Sunday at Stephens-Lee!



Z Sunday Scrabble Rapport

by Bill Snoddy


5/15 & 5/22 reports, results & updated stats will be published 5/23