(July 21, 2024) A baker’s dozen of Tile-Slingers got together in Asheville this past Sunday afternoon. Welcome to Jody, who saw an announcement of our event online. She observed a game, then played one.


George F. sat right down and won his first game, and found TOASTERS, NESTERS, HEAVENS, and the unusual DICKENS, a singular for “devil” and the plural is DICKENSES! (good in both TWL and WOW!)


Kurt had a huge 403 win, found 3 bingoes, and his JOBBER (60) tied for high non-bingo for the day!


Suzanne had some really close games, a mid-afternoon win, and she played WANTERS, CARBONS, and WIENERS. It’s hard to misspell WIENERS, as WEINERS and WEANERS are also good.


Leslie had a 433 win, finding STAYERS, FONDEST, DELETING, and BAGGIES. QAT was well-placed for 47.


Christine won half the time, and played that other 60-point non-bingo: QUEENS. Christine had a 512 game, the highest scoring game of the session.


Mitzi was 2-2 today. We knew she was a real player!


Lorraine had two nice wins, and six bingoes with PRINTING, RECLOSES, SCOUTING, STRAINS, BOILERS, and OBVIATE.


Louis was 3-2, opening with a 405, and finishing off the session with a 444 game! 6 bingoes for Louis.


Trish was 3-3, and found HEAVIES, RESTATE, BLANDER, and OUTRUNS.


I was 4-1 today, losing only my last game, and losing it by one point!! Of my six bingoes, I thought that ANODISE for 94, a double-double (my opponent Leslie gets credit for an “assist” for that one) that was NOT enough for high play of the day!


Jacob would have been undefeated except for his one loss, a 412 game that was the high loss of the day! Today’s Bingo King, Jacob had 10 of them, including MISENTRY, a double-double for 98, which is the high play of the day.


Mark only lost once and got in six games. He opened with a 447 win and played nine bingoes including ELISIONS, TERATOID, and ABLINGS, plus the classic XU for 52.


Thanks to many players who helped put up the gear, chairs, tables, etc. at the end of club. Just a reminder that there is an individual slot for each gameboard* (don’t try that phoney next week) and that some clocks have an off switch and some don’t!


OK, great! See many of you next week!  


And that’s right, some very popular people play Scrabble!




Results Chart

(standings, averages, highs, all bingos & non-bingos)

Z Sunday Scrabble Rapport