(February 25, 2024) 20 Scrabblers today, and that is with a few of our regulars away. With some of our top players out, we elected to move ahead with “open pairings” after the first game, but we will continue to search for good alternatives, and we will learn from what doesn’t seem to work well.


Welcome back to Rolf who found teabags* for 72. I wouldn’t have challenged that either! Mike D is headed for warmer weather for the next few weeks, and we look forward to his return.


Mike L sat right down and won his first one, playing MOUSIER and STABLES. Jay L got a good win and played SUNDIAL for 65. HAIRIER and READIER just would not go down on the board for Jay. Suzanne had a winning record last week, but stiff competition today. She did finish the afternoon with a huge 431 win!


Carole won her first one, seemed to have fun, and we sure appreciate her sharing goodies with us these last several weeks! Mike B had a 346 win, and for the highest-scoring of his 4 bingoes, this man of the cloth played, on Sunday mind you, HOLIEST for 81.


 John W batted .500 today and courageously played REVULSED for 63! This is “D-only” way to play that word. No revulse* no revulses* and no revulsing*.


Jay J found FILMIEST for 67, and had a 3-2 record.


Kurt only lost once, and played FLASHES, STEAMER, CRANNIES, plus the unusual LINIEST.


Ruchi was 3-2, having worked a night shift the night before and still finding the wherewithal to come to club and play five games. CISTRONS, UNGIFTED, EMPORIUM, and INHALER helped her cause, as did RELAX for 56!


Trish was 3-2, with games scoring 471 and 438. Of her 5 bingoes, WREAKING (95) was the high play of the day!


Raina was also 3-2, and she played the highest-scoring non-bingo recorded today: FUTZ for 78! EARNESTS garnered 68 points.


Leslie had a 3-2 record and a 429 win with her opponent scoring 427, likely the highest combined score of the day. In addition to TASTERS and BLASTING, she had multiple high-scoring non-bingoes like TAX for 54 and HALE for 55. Thanks for the birthday cupcakes!


Christine was 3-1 and she opened with a 433 game. She played WALLETS and FLOSSING, and I’m sure there is a good dentist joke in there somewhere.


Lorraine would have been 5-1 were it not for her high loss of 427, a game she only lost by two points! She was knocking out bonus words right and left, with TINDERS, VITALISE, DINGERS, STIFLING, ROUTINE and RESISTED. A well-placed X yielded 54 points.


Welcome back, Bing! She only lost once, opened with a 425 game, and of her four bingoes, INVITERS scored the most with 86.


I always find something to have fun about at club, but losing a game by more than 200 points was not a lot of fun, let’s just say. Not scoring under 400 for all my other games was more enjoyable. I thought my 506 would be high game of the day, but Mark outdid that. GRATINEE was a double-double for 86, and METEORS and UNCAGES were in succession for a “bingo-bango.” OK, enough about me. (But what about my ZONES for 66?)


Mark only lost once today, had the high game of 509, and as today’s Bingo King had 10 bingoes in his 5 games! Some of those were unusual, like EOSINIC for 86.


Louis (3-1) would have been undefeated today, were it not for his two-point loss in his final game. SLURPED, ACTIVELY, and ONAGERS helped. So did SEQUIN for an outstanding 75 into a TWS.


There will be emails later in the week about getting ready for NWL23, the new word list which will go into effect next Sunday for our club. The word judge software will be updated, as will the cheat sheets.


Not many words have been deleted, but quite a few have been added. We will post a PowerPoint show for “the new 3’s and 4’s” and shows for the “new 5’s” as well as the “new 6’s.”  New words (plus a few deletions) can already be found on the Study page at

See many of you next week!



Results Chart

(standings, averages, highs, all bingos & non-bingos)

Z Sunday Scrabble Rapport

by Bill Snoddy