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Z Sunday Scrabble Rapport

(May 26, 2024) 14 Scrabblers at club on Sunday!


Remember Suzanne came back last week and only lost one game! She had a 400 win this week with three bingoes, plus QUERY for 60!


Jay J. who can have a great Sunday on occasion ran into stiff competition today. His LAUNDERS (66) has an interesting anagram. IF was good for 53!


George F. sat right down and won his first game of the afternoon, playing GUITARS for 67. Plus he got down ZONER in a good spot for 48 points.


Mike B. was 1-2 today, and amazingly got 54 points for DAH?!


Trish would have been 3-2 were it not for her high loss of 395, a result of her opponent bingoing out. 6 bingoes for Trish, getting 80 for INSNARE.


Ruchi was 3-2 with all three wins scoring well over 400. 8 bingoes for Ruchi today! Plus she had the high non-bingo with BLITZES for 76.


Kurt only lost once, and among his 5 bingoes was FARTING (106) the high play of the day! Way to go Kurt, and yes you are excused. He also got down a non-bingo play of fez & zax for 74.


Mark was 4-2, and 8 bingoes is impressive, with VENTAILS being the most unusual. SAFROL for 48 was a great play.


Jacob was also 4-2 and also played 8 bonus words! He had several very high-scoring non-bingoes but SOX scored the most with 57.


Louis was 4-1, and a couple of those wins were well over 400! 6 bingoes, with LANCHED relatively new, and INTURNS is good, but not approved by hospital staff. JAIL for 59!


Undefeated? Christine was 4-0 with three bingoes, SOOTIER scoring the most with 85. ZOON for 48 helped!


Also undefeated? Glenn (4-0) started out with a 435 game, apparently bingoing out to catch his opponent. 6 bingoes for Glenn, and we are glad to have him back into Scrabble!


OK, Scrabble has its ups and downs as I can testify after 15 games in Montreal. Just scan this quickly:


Opened the tournament with OUTRANG for 70, which he answered with FLOATIER for 72! I challenged his weldings* off the board and ultimately eked out with an 11 point win. Next I lost bigtime despite remembering GANOID into a triple word, and RIVAGES which I prefer over GRAVIES, but her BOINKERS was too much. Cam, age 16 from New England, beat me by more than 100. Next game STRAFED was not enough to help me win. Next loss: my UNLISTS was answered with RECORDER, shortly after he played JNANA, a classic “J word.”


My ALIENEES was almost challenged. Good. You would think my SMELLING into a TWS for 80 would help ensure a win but no. OUTMANS for 66 still not enough to win that next game, hoping that GOOLIES would get a challenge. Next, STERILE and SPINDLE but lost by 15. Help!


At last, a 482 game, winning by 194! POXIER into a TWS with the X on a DLS was 77! Who needs bingoes! QUA for 58! My crabtree* for 66 was not challenged. Won my next by 102 with no bingoes! My ELATERIN and the strange but true TENNISES were not enough in the subsequent game, when she bingoes out with DRUTHERS! Next game is a win when I bingo out with AUNTLIER, after taking stonied* off the board.


My RAVENERS was challenged. Good. But then I challenged DINGEYS which is perfectly good, unfortunately. Oops, another loss.


The tournament was superbly directed, the WGPO lexicon is not that much different, and I do not regret going at all!


See many of you next week!