(August 1, 2021) At the time, one month ago, when we started meeting in person for club again here in Asheville, it did seem like a good idea. With cases now temporarily on the rise here locally, it seems smart to put off meeting in person for the present time and re-evaluate in a few weeks.


We remain optimistic about having a great Asheville tournament during the first weekend of November. No rush about making payment for registration, and a reminder that refunds will be made promptly if needed. We have a fabulous barbeque food truck coming for Saturday, and we are making plans for a savory meal for Sunday as well.


The PowerPoint shows for this week include a brand new one, PERISH plus a blank. The show tells the story of coach Joe “Pa” Paterno’s last year or two, and the phrase that contains every letter that goes with PERISH to make a seven-letter bingo is “PA, WHO WAS OUTTA LUCK.”


Also on the bingoes page of the website is a revision of SEE-IRON in the context of pumping iron. The phrase is “HOT DIVA PUMPED IT, LOOKED GOOD.” It should be worth a good look.


We are not going to be resuming any sort of formal online play, but we suggest that on Sunday evenings you look for buddies you have played in the past on the Internet Scrabble Club.


We will keep you updated weekly! 


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Club is on hiatus due to Buncombe County being designated as "an area

of substantial transmission" of the highly contagious Delta variant of the

COVID-19 virus. We hope to play again soon.