Z Sunday Scrabble Rapport

by Bill Snoddy

Results Chart

standings, averages, highs, all bingos & non-bingos

(June 4, 2023) Aah, that’s more like it! Another Sweet Sixteen Sunday, with that many Scrabblers having hands in the tilebags (no, that's tile bags) here in western North Carolina. Welcome to Chuck, who is getting the hang of the clock, score-keeping for both, etc. He’ll be back!


Glad that Eric could swing by for a game. Raina was up against stiff competition today, but she found 4 bingoes, and commented that she had lots of “UN.”  Maybe that’s like “almost FUN.”


Mike L. played REMAINS for 66, and opened with a 402 game. Most of his other games were close, and you can’t get any closer than that tie game with me.


Dannie (1-2) did play “beat the director” as his 412 was “enough” in a close one with me. Grr. Then he finished the day with a 438 high loss. Of his 5 bonus words, WAGONED scored the most with 95, a tie for high bingo.


Trish was 2-3, starting the session with a huge 455 game. QI for 64 was well-placed. She played FASTENER, REALISE, and TITANIC.


Put Leslie down for a couple of wins, including a 415 game. 5 bingoes today!


I was 2-3-1, thanks to my 333 tie game.  Yes, in a tournament we might have recounted. 7 bingoes, plus a tie for highest non-bingo with ZINGED for 74.


After 3 games, Kurt was 3-0! He did lose a couple after that, but had 6 bingoes and a 442 game!


World-traveler Ruchi was 3-3, with 9 bingoes in those 6 games. She would have been 4-2, had I not come from behind by bingoing out.


Christine was 3-2, with a game greater than 400 and 3 bingoes.


Andrew only lost once, and every game was over 400 for him. 7 bingoes included VAUNTIE and RETINENE.


Mark only lost once, had a big 517 game, and played FROZE (74) to tie for high non-bingo. 6 big bonus words for Mark.


Donna was 4-1, and her RAVISHER (95) was tied for high bingo for the day. Her 519 game was the high win, and 12 bingoes does let her keep the crown of Bingo Queen for the Week.


Jacob only lost once, and that by ONE POINT. 8 bingoes, including “bingoing out” with LOIASIS, a painful play (for me.)


Lauren only lost once, and found PAUPERS and MUSINGS. We are glad to have her back in action.


Ok folks, playing in divisions worked fairly well today, we will probably try that again next week! We are expecting a visit from Curt, an expert from the Jacksonville, FL area.  

Hope to see many of you next time!