(October 24, 2021) We are awaiting the end of October’s announcements from the local health authorities about recommendations for continued efforts at prevention of the spread of Covid-19.


Some might say we should have had the courage to move ahead with our tournament plans for the first weekend in November. It’s one thing to be courageous when the possible risk is only involving yourself. Being “courageous” when exposing others to risk would probably not be the right word.


This week’s stems include EASTER with the phrase “CHRIST BACK UP, GOD WILL FIX MAN” and also AIRIEST with “ZAX INHALES OPIUM AIRFLOW.” Check the bingos page on the website at


Hoping to resume live “over the board” club play, perhaps in early-to-mid-November. We will have to work to regain some momentum!


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Z Sunday Scrabble Rapport

by Bill Snoddy


Most Recent Results (on hiatus)

We hope to play again soon. In the meantime, see new Rapport below.