(October 25, 2020) 16 CyberScrabblers were virtually slinging tiles on a Sunday evening and most had at least some fun!

Ruchi (mausi) had a 526 game as part of her 3-2 session, with 8 bingoes! The most unusual were VARIOLES, FORDOES, MADUROS, CENOTES, AND HEEZING! Plus she had the pleasure of a bingo-bango-bongo sequence with three bingoes in a row!

Julia (julianotju) had two wins in a row to finish out her session, and played NATURES, OUTLEARN, RELANDED, and GLANDERS. You can’t drop the S at the end of GLANDERS, so we call that a “sticky S.”

Ranji (Ranji) was mercilessly thrown into the Blue Division this evening. She found RENTALS, ATONERS, and ARTISAN, and scored 43 with ZEIN.

Susan (Cruzan) had a winning record (3-2) and played YEASTING, STACKED, STUNNED, UNBALING and got the most points for DEFOAMS (94.) Her non-bingo POXIER for 66 was a great play and high non-bingo for the day.

Joe R (uuuvvww) came right out of the blocks with a win, and got down several bingoes: ANTIAIR, LENTIGO, AIRLINES, RETINOID, and the high-scoring QUANTIZE for 114, the highest-scoring play of the day!

Deborah R. (josiegirl) was 3-2 today, and a well-placed MAX yielded 59 points! She also played ENHANCE, DEFROST, PLEATING, REVILERS, and the infrequently used MINUENDS!

Jay (Yanshuf) would have been 2-3, were it not for a very close loss that would have likely been a “recount” in tournament play. DEVOTEES was a nice play.

Bing (BingR) closed out her evening with two wins in a row, both over 400, and tonight she played BANNERS, COLONEL, SULTANS, and FISTING.

Trish (quacks) had two wins both with scores over 400, and played INSIDER, PEEWEES, and GUNNERS. Thanks to Trish for running the show this Sunday.

Jason M. (JasonM99) had a 3-2 performance, and played TOASTIER, INVENTS, ENTANGLE, LINGERS and helped remind us all that restain* is a phoney.

Lois (Layla6409) had fun, losing only once, and playing 7 bingoes, with INCITER scoring 80. Somehow bestrap* stayed on the board for her, yielding 92!

Leslie (Lmamabear) had a winning 3-2 record and played TREATING, DEFENSES, MANGLERS, and POINTER. JEWS (play it while you can) scored 55!

Eileen (Cyberduck) needs to try out the Blue Division (for me it would be the “black and blue” division) as she knocked out 4 wins and played 6 bingoes, with GLITTERY (77) scoring the most! COX scored 47!

(Thepan17) closed out her evening with a nice win, and played SILENTER, FROSTILY, GREMLINS, DERAILS, POLICES, and NOOSING!

Mike B. (Padremike) joined us on a Sunday, and found AVOWERS which sounds a bit priestly. He volunteered that he lost a turn challenging ANOINTED, thinking that maybe it had 3 N’s. He, of course, ironically, HAS been anointed!

Undefeated? Kristy (abzurd) could not manage to lose even one game, and played 9 bingoes! So easy for me to forget that SOONER does take the S for SOONERS, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain. 4 of her wins had scores greater than 400!

Thanks to everyone for getting their tally slips promptly emailed back in to Jacob and me. We all appreciate Trish taking “the point” this evening. Email me about how we could do better, and make the sessions more enjoyable. “See you” next week! 


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