(September 20, 2020) 18 Scrabblers online made for three divisions of six players, all with complete round robins. Easy! Everyone who RSVP’d by 6 PM Saturday got to play.

Deborah L. (snarky123) started the afternoon with a win, and played several bingoes, the most interesting being RAMEQUIN for 98 points!

Leslie (Lmamabear) had a 3-2 record, and of her 5 bingoes, SIZZLES for 109 scored the high play of the day! zoomers* was a phoney but today it was a 54 point non-bingo! With the popularity of the Zoom application, it might become good one day!   

"D" (Thepan17) enjoyed two nice wins, one achieved by bingoing* out while simultaneously sticking her opponent with the Q. D played 5 bingoes, with CLASPED scoring 80 points.

Lois (Layla6409) was 3/2 today, and of her six bingoes, AWAITED (91) was a double-double. MONKEY for 57 was a great non-bingo play.

Trish (quacks) had two wins, and five bingoes, the highest scoring being EGGIEST (74) which has a front hook!

We all want to welcome Ranji (ranji) a relative of Ruchi's who lives in Illinois. She knocked out 4 wins, and had a combination of non-bingoes QUAY/AJEE that scored 86 points, truly the highest scoring non-bingo play of the day! Congrats Ranji, and we hope to see you next week!

Julia (Julianotju) had a winning record, a 441 game, and 8 bingoes. She played both LASTING and PANDEMIC (please no!)

(DrWmR) had only two wins today, but I did have fun playing QUARRIED for 106, almost the high play of the day. Horseshoes anyone, where close counts? My BATGIRLS (80) has only been in the official list for about 12 years.

Stephen (sixthdwarf) had a winning record and some very close games today. 5 bingoes for this Tarheel, with EUGENIST being the weirdest. Now THAT is a word you won’t use in conversation this week. Or ever.

Eileen (Cyberduck) as we know is a very good player, but was off today. Of her 5 bingoes, VIDETTES (86) scored the most, and in response to REDSKIN, I was first going to chat “play it while you can” but then I remembered they are leaving that in! And taking out REDNECK!

Bing (BingR) won her last two games in a row, one with a big 432 score, and it looks like she did that with no bingoes today! With plays like QUEST for 76, who needs bingoes?

Susan (Cruzan) knocked out a win early on, and played 5 bingoes. JUMPERS scored 93, and the most unusual bonus word was RENDIBLE, which is the only spelling of that word. OXIDE scored 60. Susan had the high loss of the day, a stunning 416. I bet when most readers score 416 they are winners!

Bob F. (Calico9) only lost once, played 7 bingoes, with GENITALS being a double-double, which has nothing to do with…anything. GHERAOED was an unusual word for sure! His ADOZE for 75 was a very high non-bingo play. Hey, I played ADOZE and only got 45!

Ruchi (mausi) had a great afternoon with only one loss, two games over 400, and 9 bingoes! BORAGES was the most unusual, and EXSERTED (hmm, makes sense I guess) yielded 84 points, while her GHOSTED scored the most with 86. ZA scored 64, and QIBLAS was good for 60. I’m considering a slide show with strange Q words and calling it “Q-Tips” maybe.

Veronica (Czarevna) also only lost once today, played 6 bingoes, with VILLOSE the most unusual, and also played JERK for 69. Her 523 game was the high score of the day!

We took Jason M (JasonM99) up on his offer to play in any division and threw him to the lions today. Five bingoes helped, but were not enough.  Knowing Jason, I would bet his attitude has stayed upbeat, and he likely looks at it as a learning opportunity. Look out for him when he comes back!

Joe (uuuvvww) won his first and last games today, both with scores well over 400. 9 bingoes for Joe, including the difficult-to-spot TRIENNIA. JUNK scored 54.

Undefeated? David Garcia (scrblninja) will be moving up a division, as he was 5-0, played 7 bingoes, with PERIANTH (83) certainly worth noting. Congrats, David!

A few of you will be notified about dues, which has been reduced to ten dollars. Still important as we have ongoing expenses with the website. Plus the directors have that trip to Mexico, you know. Check, Venmo, PayPal all will work and Leslie will be in touch.

As the days get shorter, and especially since we have all been somewhat “cooped up” for several months, the daytime hours become more valuable as they get fewer in number. Our club did not have the choice of meeting in the evening at Stephens-Lee Rec Center. The other consideration is that we will be expanding online play to include those in the Mountain and Pacific time zones, and 12 noon Eastern makes for an early playing time for those folks. Also, we have had several players decline because it cuts into church, even Zoom church. Lord knows we don’t want playing to interfere with praying, especially in these times.

SO, we should kick around the idea of playing in the evening, and whether or not Sunday remains the best day. I might favor Sundays at 7 with most divisions finishing by 10 PM or at least starting their last game by then. Tuesday nights could work, fix your own tacos. Let me hear from you (I know I will) about your suggestions, with you already realizing that there will be quite the variety of them.

OK, thanks for playing, thanks for your interest, and hope to “see you” next week.

Reminders will go out in Thursday’s email, with RSVP’s honored until 6 PM Saturday.


Stay sane.




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