Cyber Club Players

blue names linked to player's tournament stats

    Andy Gardner    Atlanta-area competitor always comes to our tourneys and now plays with us online

    Bill Snoddy    co-director, tourney director, Z Sunday Scrabble Rapporter, bingo slide show creator

    Bob Frey    Tennessee expert joins us for Cyber play and our tourneys

    Bing Rice     graphic designer loves the game; scored 641 in her first month at club!

    Caesar Jaramillo    Texas Scrabble Hall of Fame award winner now plays with online

    Cheryl Melvin     Michigander  comes to nearly all our fall tourneys, plays at club, & now plays with us online


    Deborah Lambeth     long-time player In-Real-Life Club moved away but now joins us for Cyber play

    Deborah Roberts     Tennessee players comes to our tourneys and now joins us for Cyber play

    Donna Eisenstadt     retired prof, loves animals, reading, music, crosswords, and...SCRABBLE!

    Eileen Johnson     Charlotte player joins us regularly in Cyber olay and occasionally In-Real-Life

    D Pedroza      an ESL teacher and one of our most faithful regulars

    Jason Mayfield     loves Scrabble so much he comes all the way up from Durham regularly

    Joe Roberdeau     Ohio player and regular attendee to lour Fall tourney is now playing with us online

    Julia Bogle    Indianapolis player has racked up beaucoup tournaments, including ours, now joins us online


    Kristy Zurbrick    Ohio player and friend of Ruchi Gupta has joined us for cyber play on ISC

    Lakievia Johnson    busy Asheville professional has found time to play with us in person and online

    Leslie Bradshaw     enjoys family, sports, and music; French and Spanish teacher

    Lois Greene     Ohio player has attended our fall tourney for years; now she's joining us for cyber!

    Marty Gabriel    sports-loving Illinois expert joins our blue division for online play

    Mike Bell     retired Episcopal priest just loves to play Scrabble

    Mike Leippe     professor, moved here with wife, Donna E from NY; loves sports, running, reading, music

    Mike Stafford   clubmate of Kristy Zurbrick in Ohio joins us on ISC with Asheville Scrabble Cyber

    Raina Scura     enjoys gardening, hiking, renovating, photography, animals, reading, and theatre

    Randy Hersom     expert player from Monroe NC regularly attends our tourney and now joins us online

    Ranji Adukia     Ruchi's cousin / player from Illinois now finds time to join our club in our cyber version

    Ruchi Gupta      would love to be full-time Scrabbler & just dabble in medicine to get bills paid!

    Stephen Stanley     lives in Wilmington, NC & comes to our tourney regularly and now playing cyber with us

    Susan Bertoni    from Clemmons/Winston-Salem and plays in our tourney and now with us online


    Trish Harrop     co-director; veterinarian, competes in 50 mile horse races, quilts, snow skis, & loves sci-fi

    Veronica Sherbourne     from Walkertown, NC, attends our tourney regularly and now joins us in cyber play

(January 3, 2021) 14 players RSVP’d and showed up to play Scrabble on ISC this past Sunday at 6 PM.


Mike B. (Padremike) started with a win and finished with a win! His bonus plays included BLOATED, ELUTIONS, and SALOONS.


Dee (Thepan17) found DARNING, STANDER, RERAISE, and scored the most with BANDAGER.


Trish (quacks) only lost once, and of her 5 bingoes, she played the relatively new ONLIEST.


Leslie (Lmamabear) had a winning record, six bingoes, and scored the most with RELACES for 96, followed by FLATTED (challenge! Good!) for 88. ZAG for 68 is the highest non-bingo play of the evening.


Bing (BingR) only lost once, had 3 games over 400, and four bingoes. DELATING is seen often in Scrabble, but sure doesn’t come up in conversation!


Lois (Layla6409) enjoyed a winning record, and played 6 bingoes including AUDITEES which is somewhat new.


Raina (Raina726) had a big 486 win, played DENIZEN for 113, then pluralized it with JIGS for 108 a few plays later! These were the two highest-scoring plays of the session!  High non-bingoes included SQUISH and MAZE, each scoring 51!


Bill (DrWmR) did a great job splitting wood today, stacking it, then going on a bike ride. A nap prior to the session did NOT help his playing however. He eked out one win, and of three bingoes, he could really only be proud of LABORITE for 80.


Andy (AGardner) had the high loss, in a game where he scored 429! Of his 8 bingoes, WAFFLES (97) scored the most, ROASTER was a double-double, and ACHIOTES was the most unusual.


Susan (Cruzan) scored well over 400 with both her wins. Of her bonus plays, BURSERA was clearly the most unusual. DOOBIES were good, no… WAS good.


Joe (uuuvvww) as usual, found a lot of bingoes. DESUGAR looks weird, but so good! (for you?)


Ruchi (mausi) had a winning record and scored 505 near the end of the session. Of her five bingoes, FOVEATED was unusual! QADIS scored 51. Back-to-back bingoes helped with her 505 game.


Mike S (MStafford) had only one loss, and enjoyed a 527 game, the high game of the night. Of his 11 bingoes, ILMENITE was a mineral I’ve never heard of. EXORDIAL netted 104!


Marty (Kahuna601) was undefeated and played 10 bingoes. I would have challenged DIERETIC immediately, but it’s good as can be. SILURID? Yes. His highest-scoring bingo was MEERKAT. Cute. WEEDS for 61 was a legal play (in all states.)


OK, a suggestion has been floated that we play only the First Sunday of each month until we are all going to tournaments and clubs again. What think ye?


Asheville Scrabble

Z Sunday Scrabble Cyber Rapport by Bill Snoddy

Club Records

Cyber Club 2020 Records

Based on Cyber Club Play (ISC) Jun 7 – Dec 27 while In-Real-Life Club on hiatus (pandemic)

Eligibility: minimum 10% attendance of Cyber Club sessions

High Cyber Club Attendance

Leslie Bradshaw 93% (Attended 28 out of 30 Cyber Club sessions)

First Runner Up D Pedroza 87% (Attended 26 out of 30 Cyber Club sessions)

Second Runner Up Bing Rice 83% (Attended 25 out of 30 Cyber Club sessions)

High Cyber Club Winning Percentage

Donna Eisenstadt .763 (59 games, 45 wins, 14 losses, 0 ties)

First Runner Up Bob Frey .750 (80 games, 60 wins, 20 losses, 0 ties)

Second Runner Up Marty Gabriel .657 (35 games, 23 wins, 12 losses, 0 tie)

High Cyber Club Scoring Average

Donna Eisenstadt 423

First Runner Up Marty Gabriel 416

Second Runner Up (tie)

Bob Frey 411

David Garcia 411

High Cyber Club Average Spread

Donna Eisenstadt +72

First Runner Up Bob Frey +55

Second Runner Up David Garcia +43

High Cyber Club Rating

Cyber Club Rating formula = (Win % x 2000) + (Avg Spread x 2) + (Avg Score)

Donna Eisenstadt 2093

First Runner Up Bob Frey 2022

Second Runner Up Marty Gabriel 1814

High Cyber Club Bingo Average

Donna Eisenstadt 2.10 (124 bingos in 59 games)

First Runner Up Marty Gabriel 2.03 (71 bingos in 35 games)

Second Runner Up Joe Roberdeau 1.63 (130 bingos in 80 games)

High Cyber Club Win

David Garcia 593

First Runner Up Donna Eisenstadt 590 & other high games 537, 528, 523, 517, 505, 503, 502, 500

Second Runner Up Bob Frey 570 & other high games 554, 532, 529, 522, 515

High Cyber Club Loss

David Garcia 485 losing to Eileen Johnson 492

First Runner Up Mark Schmidt 452 losing to Kristy Zurbrick 454

Second Runner Up Joe Roberdeau 448 losing to Susan Bertoni 459

High Cyber Club Bingo Play

Joe Roberdeau 167 UNHINGES

First Runner Up (tie)

Bob Frey 149 READOUTS

Susan Bertoni 149 DEPLETED

Second Runner Up (tie)

Ruchi Gupta 140 INDUCERS

Veronica Sherbourne 140 GRANITAS

High Cyber Club Non-Bingo Play

Deborah Lambeth 92 qats

First Runner Up Ranji Adukia 86 quay

Second Runner Up Leslie Bradshaw 85 jabs

High Cyber Club Combined Score

Eileen Johnson 492 + David Garcia 485 = 977

First Runners Up Veronica Sherbourne 512 + Joe Roberdeau 430 = 942

Second Runners Up Susan Bertoni 498 + Joe Roberdeau 428 = 926

Longest Cyber Club Winning Streak


Bob Frey 14 & other win streaks of 13, 6

Donna Eisenstadt 14 & other win streaks of 11, 5

First Runner Up Ruchi Gupta 10 & other win streaks of 5, 5

Second Runner Up Susan Bertoni 9 & other win streaks of 6, 4

Total Cyber Club Wins

Bing Rice 68.0

First Runner Up Ruchi Gupta 61.5

Second Runner Up Bob Frey 60.0

Total Cyber Club Bingos

Ruchi Gupta 147

First Runner Up Joe Roberdeau 130

Second Runner Up Donna Eisenstadt 124

High Cyber Club Total Score

(5 games of a Cyber session)

Bob Frey 2387 & other high total scores of 2290, 2234, 2201, 2138, 2065

First Runner Up Donna Eisenstadt 2300 & other high total scores of 2284, 2230, 2223, 2186, 2164

Second Runner Up Ranji Adukia 2245

High Cyber Club Total Spread

(5 games of a Cyber session)

Donna Eisenstadt +824 & other high total spreads +606, +552, +421

First Runner Up Bob Frey +817 & other high total spreads of +586, +579, +504, +466

Second Runner Up David Garcia +791 & other high total spread of +379

Most Cyber Club 500+ Games

Donna Eisenstadt 9

First Runner Up (tie)

Bob Frey 6

Ruchi Gupta 6

Second Runner Up Veronica Sherbourne 5

Most Cyber Club Triple-Triple Word Score Plays


Ruchi Gupta-2 INDUCERS 140, CAROTIDS 122

Deborah Roberts-2 ANALYSER 122, OUTSIZES 122

First Runner Up (tie)

Joe Roberdeau-1 UNHINGES 167

Bob Frey-1 READOUTS 149

Susan Bertoni-1 DEPLETED 149

Veronica Sherbourne-1 GRANITAS 140

Eileen Johnson-1 REUNITED 131

David Garcia-1 ANTILOGS 122

Bill Snoddy-1 EATERIES 113


Trish Harrop

D Pedroza

Ruchi Gupta

Leslie Bradshaw

Bill Snoddy

Bing Rice

Raina Scura

Donna Eisenstadt

Mike Leippe

Mike Bell


Jason Mayfield

Deborah Lambeth


Cyber Club Players

Deborah Roberts


Eileen Johnson


Veronica Sherbourne


Susan Bertoni

Stephen Stanley


Lakievia Johnson


Lois Greene


Joe Roberdeau

Julia Bogle


Ranji Adukia


Randy Hersom


Caesar Jaramillo

Cheryl Melvin

Marty Gabriel

Andy Gardner


Mike Stafford

Kristy Zurbrick

Bob Frey


Cyber play updated 1st Sundays monthly