(August 2, 2020) 14 Scrabblers hooked up on ISC for our weekly club get-together at high noon on Sunday, although internet access was challenging for a couple of players.

Leslie (Lmamabear) had two big wins, both well over 400. 4 bingoes for Leslie, who actually bingoed* out with DETAINS for 70. CALZONES (87) was a great play, and since she played SAUCIER, let’s ask the question “Does it take an S?”

David Garcia (scrblninja) certainly had the high loss of the day with a 485! And another loss with a 464! He played some great words like GESTATES, PALTRIER, COOTIES, RUMPLES, and REALTOR. David also had some super-high scoring non-bingoes like JOUKED (78) and OXIDATE for 86!

Like my experience last week, Jay (Yanshuf) had a tough Sunday, but did play AUNTIES for 64. You are in good company, Jay! Mike L. (micnic) is also saving his wins for next week. Trish (quacks) had stiff competition today, but she knocked out a nice win and played IDOLISE for 64.

Deborah L. (Snarky123) had a heckuva (<- good word) Sunday with her 4-1 record, and of her five bingoes, NAUSEANT was interesting, especially since it was played in another game this afternoon as well! ADIPOUS was a good find. Maybe it’s my memory, but I can’t remember seeing a higher non-bingo play than QATS for 92, and indeed it is the highest scoring non-bingo since our Cyber play began, although Daniel H. played FRAYINGS which was a non-bingo at our club for 114 points!

Who needs bingoes? D (4-1) answers to Thepan17 and had a great afternoon with her only bonus word: CANCERS for 71. D played OFFAL and it was challenged, but good! Apparently it is “waste material” and OFFAL does sound “awful.”

Raina (Raina726) was 3-2 and managed that winning record with no bingoes! She did play CURF (45) QUININE (52) and STANZA for 54 points.

Jason M. (JasonM99) had tough competition today, but won his first game with a big 451, and lost his second game 404 to 409! 7 bingoes for Jason, including TSUNAMIS as a double-double for 86.

Deborah R. (JosieGirl) with a 3-2 showing, played DEFEATS, DITCHES and REBUILT plus outcurl* for 74. (I saw a guy at the gym back in February who could definitely outcurl* me, but he was a phoney.) QUAINT for 50 paid off, as did ZITS for 42.

Bing (BingR) only lost once, had a 483 game, and of 3 bingoes, really scored with REMATING (94!) Blue division for you next week, lady.

Ruchi (mausi) only lost once, played UNTETHER, SAINTLY, ESTATED, WIRETAP, and fitting for August weather: SPEEDOS for 74. CAKY scored 68!

Eileen (Cyberduck) enjoyed two high-scoring wins over 400 and in addition to her other six bingoes, played REUNITED as a triple-triple for 131 points!

Undefeated? Donna (probablywon) only had FOURTEEN bingoes. Apparently unmowed* is a phoney, but you should see my front yard. At least the rest of her bingoes were straightforward, easy words like TERATISM, OPUNTIAS, APTERIUM, TIERCEL, and NAUSEANT! NARGILEHS was a double-double for 102! And again, who needs bingoes if you can play a non-bingo like ENTOZOA for 72? OK, OK, Donna’s handle is really maybe1.

Yes, I think we are on track for having a good system for Sundays at noon. Let’s keep up the individual energies that it really takes to keep us going as a group.

No question that laptops or desktops make for a better experience on ISC than phones or I-pads, but we will do the best we can with what we have!

Assigning which division a player should be in is a challenge, and I do look at NASPA rating, club rating, Cyber rating, and recent performance when making the decision. Feel free to complain about which division you have assigned to!

Look for a reminder email next Thursday! 


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Z Sunday Scrabble Cyber Rapport by Bill Snoddy