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2s          3s without anagrams slide show by Bill Snoddy

3s          3s with anagrams slide show by Bill Snoddy

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Slide Shows of Top 1000 7s & 8s by probability- contact Bill Snoddy

Cheat Sheet          

Study Links

Aerolith anagram study

Breaking the Game by Kenji Matsumoto

Everthing Scrabble by Joe Edley & John D. Williams, Jr.

How to Play Scrabble Like a Champion by Joel Wapnick

Quackle game analysis

Q without U words

ULU (Ultimate Lookup Utility) for iPhone

Word Freak by Stefan Fastis

WordListPro for Android

Zyzzyva: The Last Word in Word Study    

High-Probability Bingoes

Mnemonic stems & phrases of most likely letters for bingoes

(credit J. Chew, M. Baron, B. Gillis, N. Ballard, K. Matsumoto, et. al.)

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6s to make 7s Review     #1     #2     #3     #4

All Stems-Phrases          All Phrases-Stems

7s to make 8s Review     #1     #2     #3

All Stems-Phrases          All Phrases-Stems

Request expanded PowerPoints from their creator, Bill Snoddy

Memory Lane

Selected memory aids to fill your bingo lanes

Compiled by John Chew; updated by Joey Mallick

6s to make 7s          7s to make 8s

Sayyid en Scrabble

Sayyid en Scrabble by Emboly Broider (Emily Brodeur)

All words used are good in Scrabble

Fun way to learn in context

Asheville Scrabble School

Improve your Scrabble Game by Jacob Cohen

adapted from Everything Scrabble by Joe Edley and John D. Williams, Jr.


Victory Loves Preparation