Sayid en Scrabble

Sayid en Scrabble by Emboly Broider (Emily Brodeur)

All words used are good in Scrabble. A fun way to learn in context.


Asheville Scrabble School

Improve Your Scrabble Game by Jacob Cohen

adapted from Everything Scrabble, by Joe Edley and John D. Williams, Jr.

Study Links

Aerolith anagram study

Breaking the Game by Kenji Matsumoto

Dweebovision Scrabble game strategy

Elise crossword game software

Everything Scrabble, 3rd ed. by Joe Edley and John D. Williams, Jr.

How to Play Scrabble Like a Champion by Joel Wapnick

Quackle game analysis tool

Q without U words

TWL Scrabble Strategy Facebook group

Vowel Dumps

WHAT, Wolfberg's Helpful Anagramming Tool

Word Freak by Stefan Fatsis

Zyzzyva The Last Word in Word Study

Victory Loves Preparation

New Words

New OWL3 Words

New 2s

New 3s

New 3s without anagrams by Bill Snoddy

New 3s with anagrams by Bill Snoddy

New 4s

New 5s

New 6s

New 7s

New 7s (top 1000) by Bill Snoddy

1-33           34-67          68-100        101-133      134-167      168-200

201-233     234-267      268-300      301-333      334-367      368-400

401-433     434-467      468-500      501-533      534-567      568-600

601-633     634-667      668-700      701-733      734-767      768-800

801-833     834-867      868-900      901-933      934-967      968-1 K

New 7s rhyming with old 7s by "zax"

New 8s

New 2s-8s by Joey Krafchick

Cheat sheet

Lending Library

Lending library list

Email request; delivered following Sunday; due following month

Scrabble Sprint Game

Click to play a fast-paced version of Scrabble

Talk Nerdy to Me
Emily Brodeur
Scrabble Sprint
Bill Snoddy

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