What should I expect the first time I come to Sunday Club?

We all came to Club "for the first time" so we remember that it can be intimidating. We try our best to make new players feel welcome, provide the equipment they need, and help them along with competitive play. We want you to enjoy yourself and to keep coming back. While every player plays to win, we know it's mostly about fun!

What's the difference between Club play and recreational play?

The main difference is that Club play is always one-on-one while recreational play can have up to four players. The other major difference is that Club players use all words in the Scrabble dictionary whether or not they know the definition. Beyond that are strategy, ways to balance your rack, and devloping your word knowledge.

Do you make allowances for newcomers at Club?

Yes! You may use a Cheat Sheet, have free challenges, and no overtime clock penalty for at least your first 3 visits and continuing until your first Club win. First Sundays are usually division play when lower-rated players play only with other lower-rated players. Those are especially good days for newcomers to try our club.

Why use clocks?

Clocks give each player an equal amount of time (25 minutes) to play. Most games, then, take about 50 minutes. Using a clock becomes automatic quickly.

Do I need my own equipment?

We provide all equipment players need: game boards, racks, tiles, clocks, and score sheets.

How do you know if a word is acceptable for play?

We use a word judge program, Zyzzyva, to make the decision fairly and quickly.

Do I need to know the definitions of words to play them?

No. The word just needs to be on the Official Word List. Some players learn the definitions to help them remember words and their parts of speech.

What about Club dues?

Dues help with the cost of running a club: website, equipment purchase and repair, score sheets, and club awards. Dues are $20/year and not due until you have played in the club for six months.

What about tournaments?

They are optional, but, most players find them tremendously exciting. We have our annual Autumn Leaves Tournament as well as many others within driving distance.

How are Club Player Ratings used?

Ratings help to make club play fairer. You get free challenges (no loss of turn) on unfamiliar words played by your opponent if your opponent's rating is 300+ points higher than yours. We compute ratings using winning percentage, average spread, and scoring average.

Any special jargon used at club?

Bingo-  use all seven tiles in a play to get a bonus of 50 points added to the play's value.

Hold!- announce "Hold!" to consider whether to challenge a play. This alerts your opponent to not draw new tiles that would make the play final. The hold continues on your time until you either challenge or accept the play.

Tally sheet- records your opponents, game scores, win-loss record, designated blanks, challenged words, and bingos and other high-scoring words played.

Director- our club directors know the rules and will help in unfamiliar situations.

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